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Facebook ads

There are about 200 data points per person on Facebook.

If that doesnt get you – there are more than 1.62 million people active on Facebook every day.

Facebook allows you to zero into your avatar or ideal consumer with ease. Targeting and retargeting couldn’t get any easier when you know how to facilitate a sales funnel thats hitting on those data points per consumer that are specific to your business or niche.

Let us show you how

Facebook allows you to target consumers based on loads of demographics. Age, gender, location, interests, pages your audience has “liked”, and more.

We can help you run an effective campaign for your business that would send leads running to you, grow you email list and have audiences to re-target and send down a funnel until they buy.

how would it work?

strategy call

With your FREE strategy call, we wil learn about your business, who your audience is and walk you through how an ad funnel would work in the most ideal way for you and your niche.

our work

After we’ve learned the ins and outs of your business and ideal customer, we will take it from there! We will start setting your funnel and leading new prospects to your site over the next few weeks.

incoming leads

With tons of leads and a new and growing email list, you’ll be able to turn those leads into sales.

Exclusive Offer

Get started with a free strategy call

Let’s take a deep dive and evaluate your business and your ideal consumer. Then, let’s talk about how we can get those leads flowing in.

*Depending on your current sales situation, we can help you come up with a plan to move forward in a positive direction.*